Game will end in 2wks 3days 3hours 13mins 24secs



Welcome to SpeedWar :: Beta 1!! [3 week age]
Welcome Players,

Please see a list of updates that have been done;

-- You now recieve gold income from Spies & Special Forces

-- 15 minute turn timer. (yes, even the countdown is fixed)

-- Covert and Retaliation Weapons have been added.

-- Retaliation upgrades have been improved and also limited.

-- Changing race no longer removes your weapons OR banked gold. USSR has been changed to 1% of the total player base.

-- USSR UP Bonus has been decreased from the original bonus.

-- Gaining EXP has changed, players must now have higher RA then those who they are attacking to get more % of EXP. If you do not have a higher RA the defender will recieve more EXP.

-- RA damage has also been increased slightly. Start reparing your weapons or you loose them from being massed. ---This still needs to be tested.

Known Issues To Be Resolved

-- Alliances.

-- Hand to Hand level - I am considering in making this redundant and removing entirely.

During this age, only bug fixes will be looked after. New additions will still be implemented but nothing that will change the course of the game. Beta 2 will have the new features.

please report any issues directly to Endtime on mIRC, but note that i am not always there.

Enjoy the age.


Gather your troops to fight the coming enemy! Come to the aid of your allies and destroy your enemies!
22% Income & 2% H2H Bonus 30% Defence Bonus & 4% H2H Bonus
Harness your strength and Kamikaze for your people! Use your Blitzkrieg to spread evil throughout the land!
25% Spy & 1% H2H Bonus 20% Attack & 2% H2H Bonus

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