Unofficial Rules for the WW2 IRC chat room (#ww2 on

Last update: 12:40am 12/08/2005 (AEST)

  1. No swearing

  2. No Recruiting (Pasting your link)

  3. No asking people to be your officer/commander

  4. Make sure you don't LEAVE CAPS LOCK ON

  5. No asking for voice/ops/any other power status, unless you rightfully own it

  6. No flooding (Ask an operator for assistance in finding out what flooding is).

  7. No annoying the admins

  8. No advertising (websites, forums, other channels, or any other sort)

* If an operator asks you to do something, within the confinements of the chatroom, you do it or you leave
I didn't think I would have to make that into a rule - I thought that would be common sense... Clearly some members of chat are not within grasp of that sense.
The operators are volunteers - they have real lives and real problems, and do a damn good job keeping the chat room (as) sane (as possible).
Please...give them some respect.

The above rules may be added/deleted/changed at any time without notice. Operators (%, @, &, and ~) may be excempt from any rules.
Please note, the operators have the right to kick or ban you at any point at their discression. If you have a problem with an operator...